Ecological Guarantee

The products from the Ludwik Ekologiczny line meet very high environmental, quality and health requirements, which has been confirmed by the ecological certificate EU Ecolabel.

EU Ecolabel is a voluntary program operating in the European Union. Since 1992, it has encouraged manufacturers to comply with the ecological rules and ensures reliable formula and other characteristics of the product.

The mark is awarded on the basis of ecological criteria approved by the European Commission, which takes into account the opinions of both manufacturers and service providers as well as ecological and consumer organizations. Products and services are evaluated by independent specialist units, and the criteria are reviewed every 3 to 5 years.

The EU Ecolabel takes into account the criteria for the entire product life cycle, which means that the impact on the environment should be reduced to a minimum from the product stage, throughout production, packaging, transport, and disposal. Each EU Ecolabel designation has its own individual number assigned by the competent entity to a specific group of products or services.