Ludwik Ekologiczny

Liquid for washing bottles, teats and dishes for children

  • 475 ml

How to keep children’s dishes clean and at the same time support the environment?

It’s easy! It is enough to reach for the Ecological washing liquid for children’s accessories by Ludwik.

ekologiczny płyn do mycia butelek, smoczków i naczyń dla dzieci

Caring for the cleanliness and safety of the child are undoubtedly the most important aspects for every parent. That is why it is so important to choose the right, safe cleaning agents and cosmetics specially designed for children.

Properly selected composition are the most important advantages of the Ludwik ecological liquid for washing bottles, teats and teethers. The washing formula with the addition of lactic acid effectively removes all residues of milk, juices, porridges and food. Thanks to the delicate formula, without the addition of fragrances and dyes, the liquid is perfectly rinsed out. In addition, it is gentle on the hands, contains glycerin and d-panthenol.

Has a positive opinion of the Institute of Mother and Child No. Op-5432. Dermatologically tested.

Effective removal of milk and food residues

Free of fragrances and dyes

97% ingredients of NATURAL origin

Ecological bottle washing liquid
Ludwik Ekologiczny

When creating the liquid, first of all, we took care of your child’s safety, creating a composition based on effective raw materials of natural origin.

Ludwik Ekologiczny liquid for washing bottles, teats and dishes for children is EU Ecolabel certified. What does it mean?

When reaching for a product marked with EU Ecolabel, we can be sure that it does not contain harmful substances such as: formaldehyde, reactive chlorine compounds, borates, EDTA or microplastics. 97% of its composition consists of substances of natural origin.

The fluid has very good washing properties. It is biodegradable and has no negative impact on ecosystems. The packaging is recyclable.

Ludwik Ekologiczny – certification
organic products

Ludwik ekologiczny liquid for washing bottles, teats and dishes for children has the EU Ecolabel mark, which means that the product meets high environmental and health criteria. The permit to use the EU Ecolabel is issued by the Polish Center for Testing and Certification. The EU Ecolabel is a label of environmental excellence that is awarded to products and services that meet high environmental standards throughout their entire life cycle: from raw material extraction, through production, distribution and disposal.


Small gestures are enough to follow the spirit of ecology in every area of life. In the case of the Ludwik ecological liquid for washing bottles, teats and dishes for children, a small amount of the liquid is enough to obtain clean and safe dishes for a child. TIP – Remember never to leave any milk or juice left in the bottle. It should be washed immediately after feeding. Dried-on remains are more difficult to remove and pose a threat to the health of the baby due to the possibility of the appearance of various bacteria. It is always worth checking that the bottle has been thoroughly washed.

It is recommended to rinse the washed accessories thoroughly under running water and sterilize them, e.g. by pouring boiling water over them.